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Is it really 'your' digital property?

Nowadays, more and more business owners are struggling to handle the gruelling demands of running a business, let alone keeping on top of their digital property. For too many businesses however when it comes to ownership of domains, website and intellectual digital property, many are shocked to discover that they no-longer 'actually' own them.

Taking back what's yours!

Because we are so time starved in our businesses, we tend to task out aspects of our business to others, trusting they will look after it for us! This is not always the case, and instead they can take control and in some cases take ownership of your digital property without you realising it. One of the first steps involved in re-claiming your digital property is to work out what it is you have to begin with! Do you have a registered domain name, an email server, a hosted website or other? Saber Digital Solutions, can sit down with you, and assist you in discovering what 'actual' digital property and assets your business has. The next step is to get back control!

Control + Alt + Delete

Taking back control of your digital property, can sound like a daunting task, especially if you had a once trusted friend, or family member help you with the initial set up. But remember, at the end of the day it's business, and it's your business suffering if you don't take back control. Once you have back control, it's advised that you alter the password, and relevant details to strengthen it's security. Finally delete access to those you no-longer want to access your digital property.

Your 'website address' or better known as, 'domain name' is probably the most important piece of digital property! When it comes to getting your domain name back, one of the most direct ways is to transfer the domain to a preferred domain registrar of your choosing, which are available both in Australia and Overseas.

Saber Digital Solutions, have helped many businesses get back their digital property, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you too! To discover more, why not contact us today and keep a look out for further blogs and posts!


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