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55% of online searches are mobile.

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

So the question begs to be asked... can you afford to 'not' have a mobile responsive website! With an ever growing amount of people searching online, it's become increasingly important that businesses get seen and found by as many browsers as possible - no matter what device they're potential customers are using!

Busy lives and getting information on the fly, has become the norm for so many nowadays! Whether it's reading social media newsfeeds on the train, getting DIY advice from a YouTube video while working in the shed, or simply passing time while waiting at the doctors by browsing online. Most of us can account to using our mobile phones to search online, some more than others! However, some of us, after endless mobile searching finally come across a website, only to find it hard to negate or non responsive - "insert angry growl here!" Having a mobile responsive website, is no longer an optional extra - it's a absolute necessity! So what is a responsive website?

A responsive website is one that changes the original desktop layout, in order to display a more visually engaging experience of your website when viewed on a mobile!

What is it that makes a for a mobile responsive website? Elements such as: legibly sized text which doesn't require the browser to pinch the screen to zoom in, clearly seen and defined links, buttons and call to actions, and finally - no horizontal scrolling!

So, now it's time to take a look at your businesses website from the point of view of your potential customer when they're searching for you via a mobile device.

Ask yourself the following...

  • Is your website easy to read?

  • Were you able to easily find exactly what your looking for at first glance?

  • Do you have to endlessly scroll or click more then twice to get to where your wanted to be?

Saber Digital Solutions, are your local digital marketing specialists when it comes to creating a mobile responsive website that works.

Why not contact us today and let's start getting your business discovered!

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1 Comment

Great Blog SDS, I can definitely recommend a mobile responsive website. After SDS published the website they built for us, we noticed a substantial increase in website traffic particularly Mobile traffic. Although our former website was mobile capable it was definitely not to the standard that it is now. Thanks for all the time taken SDS in building our website. Solar Gleam Gutter Clean

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