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Haven't I seen this page before?

Ever looked at a Facebook page and then received an invite to start liking and following them. Only thing is, when you visit that requested page, it looks the same... but not quiet! When you look for the subtleties you'll notice - it's a mirrored page!

With some so many of us now online and using various online platforms to connect and engage with each other, we need to keep being mindful and careful not to let our guards down. Many people have unfortunately been caught out by misrepresentations and open promises.

like the old saying goes "if it seems to go to be true - its probably isn't!"

Nowadays it pays to beware when ever accepting an social page invite, regardless of your previous relationship with that person or business! Because there's a good chance your responding to a mirrored page or phishing scam!

Facebook has been getting reports of such fake or mirrored pages occurring on their platform. And while they're quick to stamp out such fake profiles, they have developed several techniques to help detect and block this particular form of inappropriate action.

That being said it is still strongly advised for people to:

  • vet all friend and business requests before accepting them.

  • beware of suspicious looking emails containing misspelt words

  • look for typos in the name

  • check for multiple fonts or oddly placed accents, hyphens or commas in the name.

  • check the website associated to this page, is it a viable secured website?

  • report any suspected phishing messages or requests using the appropriate links.

Facebook has more help and guidance on phishing.

This can be found in the Facebook Help Center.

So remember - think twice and act once, when it comes to online dealings! And don't let a few bag eggs ruin your online experiences!

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