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Is it worth a review?

Have you ever wondered about the importance of online reviews for business? Sure, it’s one thing to stay “they were great” in passing to a friend, but it’s another thing to mean it and give a review!

So, let’s take a moment now to look at what affect reviews can have on your business.

Firstly, we’ll consider why reviews matter for businesses? Reviews are crucial when it comes to the customer interaction phase and them deciding if they’ll buy your product or use your services. People want to get an understanding of your business and they want to know the good and bad when buying from you. By reading reviews, they make an educated decision on whether to choose your business or not. Previous experiences matter to your audience!

So, if prior experiences matter, do reviews matter too? Online reviews really do matter, and do make a difference to your business?

Customers increasingly use reviews left by other consumers as part of their pre-purchase research efforts.

The quality and quantity of reviews on Google, for example, is one of the most important ranking factors for your local SEO. And, when a person scans the search results for a local product or service in Google, the business listings that include customer reviews represent greater credibility and, naturally, receive more clicks.

So, if that’s the case just how effective are reviews when it comes to new customer? Reading dozens of reviews that indicate good quality, products and services create an online reputation that any new customers can trust. In fact, customers are 63% more likely to buy and trust in a business with reviews. The trick, however, is to get those customers that review you, to leave more than just a star rating. You’re going to have to ask them to put in words about their experience. It doesn’t have to be a novel like War and Peace, a few simple words or phrases goes a long way – e.g. “great customer service”, “good product range”, “helpful advice”

Do I have to reply to reviews, and will this help my SEO? The short answer is YES! Responding to online reviews helps increase SEO. According to none other than one of the leading authorities on the matter, Google says that managing and responding to your customer reviews is one way to improve your local ranking on its platform!

After reading this, are you now realising that you need help managing your business online? Saber Digital Solutions offers a range of fully or co-managed online services to take away the stress and hassle allowing you to get on with business. Why not contact us today to discuss further!

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